Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 and has been the Taiwan's leading manufacturer in the fields of Test & Measurement Instruments for more than three decades. 

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Created on: 04 November 2014

Description: * Real time recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be downloaded to the Excel, extra software is no need.* Measurement range : 1125 torr x 1 torr. 1500 mbar x 1 mbar.* Units : torr, mm Hg, mbar, kPa, hPa, inch Hg, psi.* Data hold, Record (Max., Min.).* RS232/USB computer interface.* Heavy duty vacuum sensor used for air, oil gas...* Application : Automobile, Industrial, laboratory, heating, ventilation, medical hospital...* Patented.

Created on: 04 November 2014

Description: * WBGT (wet-bulb globe temperature) was developed as a monitoring basis at US military training camps and became widespread for the use in workplaces and sports situation It is suggested in  the international standard ISO 7243, OSHA (US Occupation Safety), Japan Society for Occupational Health and the SMA (Sports Medicine Australia) to establish the permissible heat exposure limits in health, sports or other physical activities.* Measurement : WBGT value (Indoor/Outdoor Wet bulb globe temperature), Black globe temperature, Humidity, Air temperature, Wet bulb temperature, Dew point Temp..* Measurement function : 1. Wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT):   Indoor : 0 oC to 59 oC.   Outdoor : 0 oC to 56 oC. 2. Black globe Temp (TG) : 0 to 80 oC. 3. Air temperature (TA) : 0 to 50 oC. 4. Wet bulb temperature (WB) : -21.6 oC to 50.0 oC. 5. Humidity : 5 % to 95 % R.H.. 6. Dew point Temp. : -25.3 oC to 48.9 oC.* Unit : oC,oF, Resolution : 0.1 degree.* Adjustable WBGT alarm setting with buzzer sound output.* Control and monitor of physical activity in hot environment to limit the danger of heatrelated injuries.* Globe temperature measurement...